We gwming tried to make it bluf Aussie as possible and we have Custom Australian modsbuildingstextureseup and alot more!! We are still adding more Australian stuff every day we are working to change nearly the whole of BlaineCounty to Australian things!

We true blue gaming been getting at the moment about 13 - 20 players online but we are growing and have a huge true blue gaming We are looking for active policegaimngsesrfsnrmaand fire and rescue.

Applications are on discord if you would like to apply. We are trying to make bblue a bit more different and unique than other Australian servers.

The server is still in development as we are adding alot more still! We also have to offer is Paid models and Models made by me! We also have a system if the developers are unsure if people will like it they will put it in server-polls on discord and the Citizens can have a poll to taming whether they want it in the game or not.

He modded and was being rac t and overall abusing the community and started poaching with another free chip list 2018 so if anything he is one. And that mate wanted to come learn more here and we said no so he is even more salty lol. Also true blue gaming you were smart you can see the true blue gaming the months later….

1/15/2021 by Coco